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our Story 

Giving our clients the gift of time

Hey there!

We are a team of professionals that left our corporate jobs to spend time with our families. We learned that time is something you can never get back. So we pride ourselves in providing the best service to our clients to give them back TIME. We have Consultants in Marketing, Digital Media, Social Media, Paralegal Services, and Photography; which  have given us a unique edge as we provide these services to our clients. 

How important is TIME to you?

What would you do if you were given an extra 2-3 hours a day... back?

That's what Socal Consultancy does, we give time back to our clients by taking care of all the details. 

see our team's favorite SoCAL spots 

Our local spots

View our team's favorite spots to relax and unwind. 
Laguna Beach

The Beach 

Laguna Beach

It's no shock that SoCal has some of the best beaches.  If you love a cool and sunny atmosphere, the beach is where you want to be. 20 min drive from Downtown.

Palm Springs

The Desert

Palm Springs

Another team favorite is Palm Springs. We love the dry sunny heat. There's always a pool or restaurant to keep cool. 

The Mountains

Big Bear

Big Bear is a SoCal favorite. Sunny and warm during Summer, Snowy and cold during winter. There's so many activities to do in either season.